Delta College Awards Banquet

25 Years @ Delta College

Read from the podium during the Delta College Award Banquet, April 12, 2013

Dr. Charissa Urbano came to Delta College in 1988 after earning her Ed.D. Doctor of  Education degree from Ball State University in Muncie, IN with an emphasis on science education and genetics.  Early in her career Charis developed the curriculum for Delta’s integrated majors biology course – BIO 171.  She was the first recipient of the Don and Betty Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair.  She used the proceeds from this award to write the lab manual for the integrated biology course which is currently in its third edition and available online to Delta students free of charge.

Through the years Charis has developed several additional courses including an honors course in genetics that she has taught for 23 years titled Heredity and Sexuality (BIO 199H), an online biotechnology course (BIO 274) and an interdisciplinary course titled Exploring Diversity that is taught in both CNET and INET formats.  She obviously enjoys the challenge of curriculum development and is currently working on Delta’s first fully online science lab course (BIO 111).

Charis is a former recipient of the Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence, the Barstow and Frevel Award for Scholarly Achievement, the NISOD Teaching Excellence Award and the Exon Education Innovation Award for integrating the scientific, technical and public policy dimensions of genetic research into community college education.  She has served as the director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence and the co-director of the President’s Diversity Task Force.  She is also the co-founder and co-chair of Delta’s Prism Alliance and was just named as this year’s Delta College Champion of Diversity.

Charis claims that she is most proud of the accomplishments of her former students – many of which are now successful doctors, dentists, scientists, pharmacists, veterinarians, college professors and at least one intellectual property lawyer.

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