The Bullycide Project

I first saw this play at the Flint Masonic Temple in 2010 and knew that the message was timely and meaningful.  Teaming up with Denise Hill (Associate Professor of English), the LGBT Committee and the Office of Student Engagement we were able to secure funding from the Special Projects Committee.  We collaborated with PFLAG Tri-Cities, Perceptions and SVSU to bring The Bullycide Project and Kevin Eppling’s talk titled Be The Change to over 800 students, faculty and staff during performances held at Delta College and SVSU on October 16, 2012.

While serving as the Director of the Delta College Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence from 2008 -2010 I worked with graphic arts student Elise Williams to produce a number of short videos to promote teaching, learning, professional development and diversity at Delta College.  Check out all 15 videos @ Delta College – FCTE – YouTube Channel

As part of a National Science Foundation grant – Young Scholars Program in STEM Education I worked with colleagues Joan Sabourin (Science Division Chair), Masood Mowlavi (Professor of Biology) and three outstanding Delta STEM students Doug Nassif, Jim Cherry and Misako for several years.  The Delta STEM students served as teaching mentors in the Saginaw Public Schools Growth Afrocentric Program (GAP).  K-12 students visited Delta College on several occasions to participate in science enrichment activities.

NSF Young Scholars Program
NSF Young Scholars Program

Student Technology Fellows

The Student Technology Fellow program is a resource strategy designed for Delta Faculty which launched in the Winter 2015 semester.

The program recruit student volunteers (Student Technology Fellows) to assist faculty in creating and implementing content for online and blended courses. The Student Technology Fellows meet with their assigned Faculty member for 1 hour a week and provide 2-3 hours a week of technology support throughout the semester. Student Technology Fellows provide assistance including online pedagogy, flipped course content, podcasting, and closed captioning. This strategy emerged from a recommendation from Charissa Urbano which focused on online learning strategies, resources and programs.

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